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On-Site Facility Rental
Policies, Procedures and Regulations

Facility Rental

Lake of the Woods Resort welcomes corporate and social clients and is happy to fulfill requests for facility usage on a first-come, first-served basis as long as they do not conflict with previously scheduled events. Lake of the Woods is unable to accept large reservations June 15th through Labor day on Saturdays from 4pm to 9pm due to our Saturday BBQ with live music.

Hours Lake Of The Woods Resort reserves the right to make specifications and restrictions on event times, including allotted times for set-up and tear-down. Also, should your function need to run beyond the contracted time, approval for such time must come from the Facility Manager. Upon such approval, it is to his/her discretion that an overtime charge be assessed.

Tear-Down Set-up and tear-down must occur on the same day as the event. All equipment and materials must be removed from the facility no later than opening of the Lodge the following day. Special exceptions to these policies must be approved by the Catering Manager. All events are subject to set-up fees. Amounts vary in accordance with the facility being reserved, amount and extent of set-up required and the number to be in attendance at the event.


Lake of the Woods Resort operates a full catering service. No food or beverage of any kind will be permitted to be brought into Lake of the Woods Resort or to leave the premises by the host or invites. Certain circumstances may call for special consideration and are subject to the approval of the Catering Manager. The resort maintains the right to choose the caterer(s) available for service at the resort or anywhere on the grounds. In this instance, the client and all contractors hereby indemnify and hold Lake of the Woods Resort harmless from all damages or liability that may arise through the use of such contractors. If you need catering please contact Lake of the Woods Resort Catering manger.

Deposits and Billing

Facility Rental 50% of the room rental fee(s) are due before Lake of the Woods Resort will hold the space.
Billing Social Engagements and other events: The entire balance of your account is due at least thirty working days prior to your event. All checks should be made payable to Lake of the Woods Resort and the date of your event should be referenced on the check. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are also accepted. If your total account exceeds the amount paid prior to the event, the difference will be due and payable at the end of the event.

Corporate Engagements: The entire balance of your account is due upon completion of your event, and payment is due upon receipt of final invoice. All checks should be made payable to Lake of the Woods Resort and the date of your event should be referenced on the check. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are also accepted.

Cancellation All deposits are non-refundable without 60 days notice. If your event is cancelled less than 30 days prior to the function date, a cancellation fee of 100 percent of the site deposit will be assessed based on your original contractual agreement. This deposit is refundable with 60 days written notice and a cancellation fee of $100.00 will apply

Tax-exempt Client Tax-exempt organizations are required by state law to present a Tax-exempt Certificate along with the catering agreement.

Audio/Visual Equipment All requested audio/visual equipment will be rented from a local supplier if the resort does not have requested equipment in stock and the associated costs will be added to the final invoice.


Any damage to the facility caused by a member of the client’s party or the client’s vendors will be assessed and charged to the client. The client shall also indemnify and hold Lake of the Woods Resort harmless for any injury to persons or damage except in claims due to Lake of the Woods Resort’s gross negligence.


Decorations & Signage

Lake of the Woods Resort event services will place welcome/directional signs in stanchions at strategic locations. All decorations, including centerpieces and anything attached to the walls or ceiling must have the express, written approval of Lake of the Woods Resort prior to the event. Use of nails, staples, carpet tape, masking tape or any other adhesive is strictly prohibited. Confetti or similar substances may not be used during an event. Nailing into trees is expressly prohibited.

Lost & Found

Lake of the Woods Resort will not be responsible for damage to or loss of articles/merchandise left on the premises prior to, during or following an event. If you do lose an item, please call the Resort office at 541-949-8300
Photography The renter may take photographs during any event. However, the renter is not granted any copyright to use such photographs for commercial use. Photo shoots are permitted and must be approved by Lake of the Woods Resort prior to the event.


Lake of the Woods Resort may require the renter to supply security personnel for the event at the renter’s own expense. The resort will not assume responsibility for the condition of items supplied, rented or otherwise secured by the renter and used on Lake of the Woods Resort property.
Smoking Smoking is permitted in designated areas of the resort and Forest

Special Effects

Due to federal regulations in the National Forest, no fire works or pyrotechnics of any type are allowed with out a permit from the Forest Service and the State Fire Marshall
Alcohol Policy
Lake of the Woods Resort’s liquor license does not allow any alcohol to leave the grounds or be brought into the organized event areas of the resort. NO EXCEPTIONS! Specific liquor, wine or beer, as well as kegs, may also be ordered with the same guidelines used for special wine orders from the Lake House Restaurant. Lake of the Woods Resort charges a corkage fee to bring in your wine or beer to be served by resort staff at your event.
Lake of the Woods DOES NOT serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 and will check the ID of anyone appearing to be under 26 years of age, please inform all guests in your party that they may be asked to present identification NO MATTER OF THEIR AGE.
If you are caught supplying alcohol to a minor on the premises you can be sited for furnishing alcohol to minors and are subject to prosecution to the full extent of the law.

Special Equipment Rental Available through event services.

VGA Projector and screen $75.00 For 4 hours $100.00 per day
PA System $75.00 per 2 hour block
Amplified Music or use of public address systems:
Any and all electronically amplified sounds to include playing of recorded music, DJ services or, use of sound amplification equipment to include live performances by musicians or bands must be approved by resort management prior to the event.
Conditions of Acceptance The preceding arrangements have been outlined on a tentative basis. As the authorized representative of this event, your signature on this agreement will confirm arrangements of the program on a definite basis. Your acceptance will be effective upon Lake of the Woods Resort’s receipt of this signed document. I have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions of the policies, procedures and regulations of the Catering Agreement.


Meeting & Event Space Fees
Lodge Picnic Area $1000.00 per day
Lodge Picnic Area with use of stage additional fees apply for stage. $100.00
Wedding ceremony location Lake side $100.00 to $250.00
Wedding Ceremony at Gazebo Location $500 per day
Lodge Dining Room price depends on time and event
Lodge Bar price depends on time and event
Lodge Patio price depends on time and event.
Resort Small Group Area $150.00 per day
Small Group area is adjacent to Cabin 22
Rainbow Bay Group Area $75 per day plus $5 per car
Aspen Group Area $95 per day
Garbage service and general clean up, event organizers are responsible for removal of any and all decorations within 24 hours or sooner if required by facility. Facility rental does not include day use parking at Lake of the Woods Resort or nearby facilities. A group parking rate can be negotiated for your guests. Regular Day use fees of $5.00 per vehicle apply at all lake locations.

Lake of the Woods Resort operates under a special use permit in a recreational partnership with the Fremont-Winema National Forest.


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