General Store

General StoreBeverages, Beer & Wine, Camping Supplies, Food, Gourmet Foods, Gifts, Toys, Hats, Post Cards, Souvenirs, Sweatshirts, Swim Wear & Accessories Open Year round . This is our guest check-in and carries a wide selection of food and merchandise for the convenience of guests, local residents and fun seekers. The General Store is the center of activities for the resort as guests, campers and local residents come for the supplies and provisions. The historic structure probably recalls most of what the philosophy of the resort is – a return to a simpler time, when families took trips together, friends and neighbors talked on a daily basis. This store with its rustic theme is stocked with everything from Jacks to Jell-O. There are also old-fashioned treats of candies and toys you probably haven’t seen since childhood.

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